Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage

After the traumatic event of a fire or a flood, your first priority is to restore your home to its former glory. Getting rid of the smell of smoke or mould caused by water is a tricky process that needs to be left to the professionals. P&C Maihi use modern, industrial products to block the smell of smoke and mould from entering into your freshly repainted rooms.

We use quality Zinsser products to ensure that any odours are blocked at the source and your room will be left smelling fresh and renewed.

Our Fire Damage and Insurance Services include:

  • Stripping back damaged walls
  • Removing any mould or organic materials
  • Removing falling material and dust
  • Repairing and restoring walls
  • Repainting of surfaces
  • Odour reduction and blocking

The Renewal Process

1: Preparing Your Surfaces
Firstly we need to restore your walls to a state where they can be repainted. We will have to make sure that your walls are clean and dry and that there is only a minimal amount of water or moisture left in them.

We will remove any loose materials by scrubbing with stiff bristled brushes and by using sandpaper and glass paper. All dust and debris will then be removed.

After that process is complete we will tackle any mould that may have come about due to water damage. By treating the surfaces with industrial anti-mould products we can stop the mould at the source and make sure it doesn’t spread.

We will then fill any cracks or holes and finally we will give the surface one last rub down with abrasive paper to ensure a smooth clean and dry finish to repaint.

2: Priming Your Surfaces
It is then crucial that we coat the walls with professional, odour blocking primers before any paint is applied. These primers will block any smell or stains from seeping into the fresh paint. A few hours of drying time is needed and multiple coats may need to be applied if the walls soak up too much of the primer.

3: Repainting Your Walls
Finally we will need to apply two or more coats of professional paint that will seal to the primer correctly. Using high quality paints will achieve the best finish whilst making sure that your home retains the renewed, fresh feel for as long as possible.

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