Commercial and Domestic Spray Painting Service

Our Commercial and Domestic Spray Painting Service leaves a finish that no brush or roller can compete with. This is due to the even and smooth application in which the paint is applied from the spray gun to the surface. This makes this type of painting technique very effective when it comes to uneven surfaces, textured walls and other hard to paint areas.

Probably the biggest advantage that spray painting has over the traditional brush and roller is the speed in which it can be completed. The ability to cover a large area quickly and drying on average 10 times faster than conventional painting methods means that spray painting is excellent for small to large commercial premises where quick job completion is essential.

The Key Benefits:


Fast application


Superb quality finish


Covers any surface


Low cost


Indoor & outdoor application

Commercial and Domestic spray painting can be a little bit more difficult than in looks, with special care needed to ensure all areas are well masked up and protected from the dispersion of paint. Spray painting can also cause a lot of waste due to much of the paint not actually reaching the surface. Lastly over-spray can happen due to not having the correct pressure and cause the finish to look flat, rough and uneven.

We are able to carry out all spray painting jobs, particularly pebble dash buildings where a high rate of paint application is required. We use multiple tip sizes depending on the surface area to be painted to speed up the process of painting. When painting houses or building, our pumps can handle all smooth decorative paints from stains and varnish, through gloss, primers, acrylics to heavy masonry coatings.


We offer a professional spray painting service to all of our customers whether it be for commercial projects, industrial factories or homes. With many years of experience, tried and tested products and the best equipment, we can make light work of any large area needed to be painted.

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