P&C Maihi Painters and Decorators offer a full range of services; not only do we specialize in painting residential and commercial properties but we are also experts in the area of line marking. We take great pride in this service and make sure that every aspect is done at the highest level which means you get the best possible result.


There are a variety of reasons for line marking, including industrial purposes, which are essential for health and safety regulations. We provide line marking for:


Car Parks

Help traffic move around your car park and find the right car spot with well-defined marked lines and road signs.



It is important for the safety of the children that all traffic areas have clear line markings to help people know where they should and shouldn’t be, especially during drop off and pick up times.



It is crucial for people to quickly identify where they need to go, where they can park and what area is for what, when arriving at a hospital. Clear and easily recognisable markings will help people save crucial moments of time.



Quite often there is large equipment buzzing around a factory or specific areas that can pose a health and safety risk. One way of minimising the risk associated with this kind of activity is to have professional line marking service apply markings to the ground advising of risks and directing both foot and machine traffic.


Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are highly visited with both foot traffic and vehicles of all shapes and sizes ving for right of way and parking. To make sure this runs as smoothly as possible it is crucial to have clear recognizable line markings.


Sporting Clubs

We also cater to the needs of all sporting clubs and organizations, and can tend to the requirements of any special event that may arise.


Unfortunately over time and especially in high traffic areas, road and line markings can deteriorate and in serve cases, become unrecognisable. This can both damage the appearance and professionalism of a business and hinder the ability of people to be able to move around the premises.

In line with the ‘around the clock’ nature of most industries, our team is committed to work day and night to suit our client’s demands and offer them increased flexibility. Our dedicated Operations Team ensure service output which meets and exceeds our client’s expectations.

To stop this from happening we recommend the use of top quality paint products which are specifically made for this type of application. We also recommend that the markings are monitored and remarked every few years to insure their effectiveness.


P&C Maihi Painters and Decorators have years of line marking experience and deliver value to our clients through tailored project management and a commitment to the use of quality equipment and products to ensure superior service. In fact the paint that we use is approved by the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (R.T.A.).

If you would like to find out more about our line marking service we would encourage you to get in touch with us by calling us on (02) 4683 2442 or by leaving us a message via our contact page.

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