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Why Should we get P&C Maihi Painters and Decorators?

With people’s lives getting busier and busier and working 40-50 even 60 hours a week there tends to be no family time left, and WHO wants to come home and spend there so called spare time painting or doing repairs?. We have the average size home completed with as little upheaval as possible to your family life. We save you time and money and add great value to your home .


Why are some Tradesman dearer than others?

We are professional painters and builders adhering to all the best practices, and yes we may be a bit dearer than fly by nighters, but the cost is worth it all for the insurances and guarantees of better workmanship.

“So those extra $ spent will save you thousands. For your protection we carry a $20million public liability insurance.”


What is P&C Maihi Painters & Decorators Experience?

Established since 1988 P&C Maihi Painters and  Decorators have trained  themselves to become specialized applicators of all products available on the  market, enabling a wider range of services.


Can you recommend and give advice on what my Home needs?

Yes. A good contractor is worth every penny as they know exactly what requirements and materials are best used in different areas and what is compatible to   previously used products. We will give recommendations if we feel it is in your best interest. Preparation is the most crucial part of any job and we guarantee your home will be prepared properly.


I’d like to know what products you use?

Only quality Brand top of the line products are used. We stand by our warranty and only use the best of the best.

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