Here at P&C Maihi Painters and Decorators, we offer a range of painting effects and styles, tailored to suit all tastes. We understand the importance in decorating your building in such a way that offers uniqueness and creates a positive and memorable environment.

Some of the most popular painting effects that we are asked to apply for our clients are:


Suede effects

Achieved by painting in a crisscross pattern, this is done by using a special Paint Suede Effect Paint and a paint roller or brush. The action leaves brush marks on the surface. Suede effects provide a depth and richness that cannot be achieved by conventional faux finishes.


Sponging Finish

This is a simple way to add unique beauty to the interior walls of your home; you can’t go wrong with sponge painting. Sponge painting is a decorative paint technique that provides professional looking results. It is a simple way to give an elegant and timeless touch of class to your home.


Granosite Texture, Coatings and Effects

We use Granosite products to provide amazing and attractive appearances that ensures long lasting texture performance. This popular choice is used with water-based acrylics that suit varied environments and infrastructure. Granosite coating can be applied on all types of commercial, residential and industrial buildings.


We are dedicated to customer satisfaction at P&C Maihi Painters and Decorators. Our team is experienced with all aspects of decorating and helping you achieve a fun and creative look for your home or office. We are also very flexible and knowledgeable and can carry out any design style you have in mind.

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